Posted by: ahassan | 23/11//0808

Will YouTube start making money?

youtubeliveI’m just watching YouTube Live! and the first thing that it reminds me of are things like music awards, film awards and stuff like that. I’m sure those TV channels must’ve been making decent money for those few hours.

Just to make you aware of how much YouTube ads are, the costs of having an advert on the homepagage was just shy of $200,000 per day and around $200,000 for a customised channel in 2008. I’m not an expert but to advertise on YouTube seem very expensive.

But this is the internet we’re talking, and YouTube has millions of viewers per day. There are a lot of brands who are prepared to pay for these prices. YouTube Live might be another way Google could make money.

I’m sure it can be compared to a prime time tv  and as time goes on, YouTube may decide to give media companies like NBC, MTV etc live streaming capabilities and start to charge them for it. Who knows, Google is a smart company and I do think they will eventually get it right with YouTube.

I’m personally enthusiastic about YouTube Live because it is a real alternative to boring TV and I’m not the only one.

YouTube Live


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